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26,93 EUR*
Details Big Picture Thinking: Using Central Coherence Theory to Support Social Skills: A Book for Students

Big Picture Thinking A series of lessons and information for teaching students to analyze social situations, break them down into their component parts and then adding everything together again to create a whole-- the big picture. Full description

42,15 EUR*
Details Understanding Social Research: Thinking Creatively About Method

Jennifer Mason and Angela Dale's book seeks to set out cutting-edge developments in the field of social research and to encourage students and researchers to consider ways of learning from different approaches and perspectives in such a way as to make ...

116,41 EUR*
Details Thinking about Biology

Thinking about Biology A short, readable 2003 textbook that is about the philosophical, social and political aspects of biology. Full description

42,00 EUR*
Details Against The Odds?: Social Class and Social Justice in Industrial Societies

Against the Odds? This interdisciplinary study brings together recent developments in normative thinking about social justice with new empirical findings about educational attainment and social mobility. Full description

42,79 EUR*
Details Cosmopolitanisms: New Thinking and New Directions (0)

Cosmopolitanisms Cosmopolitanisms explores how social groups find ways of living productively with each other. This book analyzes theoretical approaches and research to give a new understanding of the cultural, personal, moral and legal dimensions of ...

37,82 EUR*
Details Social Identity and Intergroup Relations (European Studies in Social Psychology, Band 7)

This study of intergroup relations remained for long on the periphery of mainstream social psychology. However, fresh research and thinking did much to overcome this neglect of one of the fundamental issues of our time, so that it became a clearly ...

30,58 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Fritz Schäffer in deep thinking.

Size Size of photo 4.7" x 6.6" ?Fritz Schäffer was a German politician for the Bavarian People's Party (BVP) and the Christian Social Union (CSU). In 1945 he became the first Bavarian Minister-President after World War II. From 1949 to 1957 he was ...

115,20 EUR*
Details Say It Loud: Black Studies, Its Students, and Racialized Collegiate Culture (Black Studies and Critical Thinking)

'Say It Loud: Black Students and Collegiate Culture' pays homage to the earliest Black Studies programs in the United States, particularly to those programs that spawned from strong pedagogical, revolutionary social movements, and student-based ...

57,80 EUR*
Details Thinking Between Islam and the West: The Thoughts of Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Bassam Tibi and Tariq Ramadan (Studies in the History of Religious and Political Pluralism)

In this book, the author assesses the social vision of three western Muslim intellectuals, Seyyed H. Nasr, Bassam Tibi and Tariq Ramadan. He finds that the thoughts of Nasr and his students promote a kind of tradition-based society, which is in ...

68,89 EUR*
Details Education and Mind in the Knowledge Age

Education and Mind in the Knowledge Age This work draws on new ways of thinking about knowledge and mind, including information processing, cognitive psychology, situated cognition, constructivism, social constructivism, and connectionism, but does ...

67,49 EUR*
Details Sex, Money and Power: The Transformation of Collective Life

Sex, Money and Power * Presents a highly original new way of thinking about modern societies and human relationships. * Written by a leading professor of Social Policy * Contains numerous first hand interviews and everyday examples. Full description

174,85 EUR*
Details Sociology on the Menu: An Invitation to the Study of Food and Society

Sociology on the Menu Sociology on the Menu is an accessible introduction to the sociology of food. Highlighting the social and cultural dimensions of the human food system it encourages us to consider new ways of thinking of the everyday act of ...